eLBaaS Blog


26 Feb 2023



We maintain the BSP/Yocto for you.

Whether a product is based on a custom SoC or an well-known SoC, we maintain the BSP/Yocto for you. Once a product is in the market it need to have all necessary software updates to keep the product as well as your customer's infrastructure secure. Yocto/BSP maintenance is a key step towards achieving that safety.

On top of that there are cases where board bring up is done by a third party vendor. In most of the cases they provide their board bring up solution as part of YOCTO or BuildRoot. To integrate such solution often developers need to go through YOCTO/BuildRoot manuals and identify how to integrate the application into the target OS.

Leaving such integration task to the experts is the most reasonable thing to do. This allows the core application development team to concentrate more on business logics and customer requirements, we make sure that the core OS is maintained and upto date. As soon as a new YOCTO version is available, we test the common configurations and make sure its more closer for your adoption quickly. Although it is upto the product team to pick the newest changes. In the end, the product team have to integrate the core OS changes. We made it available but we don't force.

Our internal YOCTO engine is configured to check for the common and latest CVEs which helps to catch any possible issues at an earlier stage. Based on the CVE report you can decide if your product need a particular update or not. In case of custom SoCs the board bring up company is usually responsible for providing the update related to the hardware. In such case board bring up related changes are not part of the BSP/Yocto maintenance offering.