Configuration free deployment


26 Feb 2023



Configuration free deployment with eLBaaS.

A common scenario in IoT deployment is to connect the target device to the Internet on customer site. Typically during deployment someone need to configure the network. Along with it maybe some extra other device configuration tasks. Whatever configuration is required for a fully functional device can be achieved via cloud or similar interface which is a product specific thing. That particular product specific part has to be handled by the developers of the product. As far as the OS is concern it can take care of the connectivity part and that is exactly what eLBaaS is offering. eLBaaS allows customization of network configuration with possibility of adding wifi credentials before triggering the build. Once an image is created that particular image is ready for deployment with ability to connect to the Internet.

Communication type can be wired or wireless. In case of WiFi communication SSID name and password need to be provided properly. If the number of devices are huge (lets say 100 devices) for a particular client and all of them need to be connected to the Internet - it can take a huge time to do the deployment. To address such scenario eLBaaS offers customer specific OS image generation. For each client there can be a unique image with appropriate network settings. Once that image is installed on a device that device is ready for a particular customer. As soon as the device has Internet connectivity it will be able communicate to the cloud and therefore ready for further activities. Although there can be cases where static IP need to be set but majority of the case would use DHCP based solution. eLBaaS's easy to use network configurability make that easy for everyone.

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