eLBaaS Blog


26 Feb 2023



A tool for everyone

eLBaas can be used by everyone in a development team - from software testers to product manager. It can be seen as a collaboration tool too.Whenever a new tool comes out it's often not clear how to use it. Some examples can help people understand the tool. Release managers can get into the action for preparing the releases whereas software testers can use the tool in their day to day work. Our intelligent build system provides you ( the developers ) the necessary SDK for the target platform. A typical organization of any pipeline is it only being used by the developers. This is where eLBaaS stand out.

eLBaaS being an highly abstract build pipeline it allows multiple parties to work together. Each participant of a development team can prepare a build configuration for themselves and use it for a specific purpose. For instance the username and password pair used in test builds can remain only test environment - those username password pair will never be part of the production image. Similarly a release manager or a product owner can create a configuration for the final production and is only known to a specific person or a specific group. So the product's concern over security is well protected by eLBaaS. These features are particularly important considering the fact that team members can join or leave anytime but the security of the product remain protected.

Another use case is when something requires debugging. Embedded OSes are specifically stripped down to reduce the size of the system. All the debugging tools and information are not included in the final production OS. When something goes wrong and developers need to hunt down some bugs they need to use debuggers. In such case it's possible to prepare a special image for debugging purpose where tools like GDB is available. And this can be achieved by just creating a new configuration in eLBaaS. The traditional way of using YOCTO basically limits this flexibility.